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My name is Kewashah Naomi and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, who holds a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling and certifications in DEI. As a licensed clinical therapist and training expert, I bring a unique blend of skills and experiences that combine knowledge of human behavior with the ability to design and deliver effective training programs. I have a passion for helping individuals grow personally and professionally and utilize my skills to assist them in achieving their goals while maintaining a healthy life balance.

As a therapist I have honed my expertise through several years of providing tailored support to individuals and groups facing a variety of emotional and psychological challenges. I am adept at creating a safe and nurturing environment where individuals can explore their concerns, while developing appropriate boundaries and subsequently achieving personal growth. As a training expert and consultant, I have a demonstrated history both through clinical and cooperate settings of designing and delivering impactful training workshops and programs that empower individuals and teams to acquire new skills and reach their full potential. I have experience working with diverse groups, from employees in corporate settings to individuals seeking personal development, and I am committed to creating meaningful learning experiences that drive positive change.

My unique combination of skills allows me to bridge the gap between personal development and professional growth. I believe that by fostering self-awareness, resilience, and effective communication; individuals can not only overcome challenges in their personal lives but also excel in their careers. My dual expertise allows me to create innovative solutions, manage change effectively, and support the well-being of both individuals as well as the goals of the project/organization. I am dedicated to helping individuals and teams find the balance between mental wellness and professional growth.


~Kewashah Naomi~

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